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The Blue Mango way of making veggie burgers is simple to explain. We use products that everyone can recognize and nothing artificial. Veggie burgers should not only be good for you, they also should taste good…really, really good. We make them by hand and in small batches to ensure quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The burgers are frozen. If you let the burger thaw for a few minutes, the plastic come off easily.
  • Hannaford Brothers Grocery Store
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Lois’ Natural Market
  • Portland Food Coop
  • Rosemont Markets
  • The Farmstand

Look for Blue Mango Veggie Burgers at fine restaurants and taverns throughout Maine, NH, Vermont, Massachusetts, RI and Connecticut. If your favorite dining spot doesn’t have Blue Mango Veggie Burgers, let them know about our delicious and nutritious product!

It is not the best way to prepare a Blue Mango Veggie Burger.
If the vac seal wrapping is unbroken, they are good up to two weeks. Once the vac seal is opened, use
the burgers within three days.